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Kraftwerke Invest Q4-2018 released



Topics of the newsletter:


| Projects commissioned:
  HKW Bochum, Wärmespeicher Halle
| Projects under construction:
  MHKW Leuna, BHKW Mainz, HKW Marzahn,
  Gasturbine Altbach

| Projects in planning:

  Reservekraftwerk Marbach, KWK Flensburg,
  MHKW Offenbach, Gaskraftwerk Wiesbaden,
  GuD Mannheim, Herne 6, MVA Bielefeld,
  BoA Niederaußem

| Market Design / capacity markets

| Security of supply

| Further news

| Listing of all projects
| Power plant map

| Studies, facts and figures

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Reliable information >> well-founded decisions

Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent information and high quality analyses. We offer support to reduce uncertainties, market intransparencies and lack of information to help our clients to understand the complex connections, opportunities and risks of the constantly changing energy landscape. Our strength is to support opinion-forming and decision-making processes.


Power Industry is our special field. We are independent but well connected. We possess many years of experience in the power sector, large amount of professional expertise. Nevertheless, we keep the overview - even outside the box.


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